A New Year - 2018

A New Year - 2018

As with every year, I end up sitting down and writing out a looong list of New Year's resolutions.  A list of tasks I want to accomplish or things I want to change about myself.  While I probably won’t get very far with most of them, each year I do seem to make some decent progress on a least one or two of my goals.  And I guess that is what it’s really about, right?  Continuing to make those little steps, growing a tiny bit each day.  When we look back a year from now, we will realize that, wow, actually there was some worthwhile change for the better.

So, to help me stay accountable and maybe even inspire someone else’s resolutions, I want to share my top 3 resolutions that I plan to focus on this year.  I feel like these are totally doable and I’m excited to commit to new challenges.

1. Avoid Buying New As Much As Possible

I’ve already been working on this goal for the past several months and am now feeling confident about my ability to make this change in my life.  Of course, this will not include food and personal care items.  I do really want to avoid buying new things whenever possible, especially clothing and household items.  I’m starting to get pretty comfortable with shopping second-hand and even with just asking others if they can spare what I’m in need of.  The creativity required to make this challenge a success has so far been fun and rewarding.  The money savings and minimal waste are great perks too.

2. Buy Our Bread From A Local Bakery

I’ve been wanted to do this for a while now but have just not followed through because of inconvenience.  I can get great local bread at my grocery store… but it always comes in a plastic bag.  Though getting to the bakery will be out of the way of my normal routes, I want to commit to this next small step to help further eliminate the plastic waste our household produces.  I will take a pillowcase with me and fill it up with full loaves to be cut at home (and frozen for later, if necessary).

3. Practice The “True. Kind. Necessary” Filter

Now that my son is at the age where he hears and absorbs everything I say, I want to start setting a better example with my words (and actions).  The task is to pause and think before I speak.  Every time.  The goal is to limit the useless and potentially harmful “noise” that is coming from my mouth.  Before I say (or do) anything, I want to ask myself these three questions:

o   Is it True? – Stop contributing to gossip and rumors and “fake news”

o   Is it Kind? – Can my actions have the potential to harm another being in any way?

o   Is it Necessary? – Am I actually contributing in a positive way or just adding to the “noise”?  For me personally, this will often apply to my tendency to make cynical and negative comments about everything.

This last resolution will no doubt be the hardest challenge.

Also, make sure to sign up for Apartment Therapy’s The January Cure if you haven’t yet!  The assignments start on January 2nd, but even if you start a few days behind, it is easy to catch up.  Click here to enter your email address and start receiving the daily assignments.  In case you were not following along this time last year, for the last several years I have been participating in The January Cure.  It is a month-long challenge of small daily assignments that help you get your home in tip-top shape for the New Year.  I have found this process to be really helpful and I highly recommend.  I’ll share updates on my own progress as the month goes on.

I’m so very grateful to those who have decided to follow along with me over this past year with an open and respectful heart. 

*Cheers to New Beginnings*

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